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Original photos and videos will take your website to the next level

You want your business website to stand out while creating it (in a good way). It entails selecting a user-friendly layout as well as a visually appealing design. And if you know anything about digital marketing, you know the importance of visual content.

It is vital to have photographs and video material on your website. However, you don’t want to use any old images on your website. It must be of excellent quality and appropriately depict your product or service because 67 percent of online shoppers consider high-quality product photos to be “very significant” in purchasing.

So, if you’re thinking of using stock photographs or if you think adding video to your website isn’t essential, it’s high time to put the brakes on and do some research first.

Why Are Images on a Website Important?

Businesses widely use stock images because they are easy to find and, in many cases, free (or inexpensive). You may have utilized stock photos in your blog entries and website. It is a viable alternative when you need to get a site or page up and operating quickly; alternatively, if you don’t have the funds to purchase original photographs.

Is it, however, the best decision for your website design? Here are a few reasons to use fresh graphic material on your website.

Demonstrate Your Integrity

Stock pictures, user-generated material (memes and other graphics made by social media users), and other unoriginal visuals are commonplace. Is it, however, acceptable to your target audience?

Stock photos can come across as tacky and unauthentic, so look for images that appear to be unique.If you need images of a salesperson, choose one where they’re talking to a screen rather than smiling at the camera.

The next best thing is to start your content library. Taking the time  to photograph and film your workplace, staff, products, and other business assets enhances your brand’s personality.

Make Sure You’re the Only One Using Them

Anyone can obtain an image from a stock photo website. However, it is a two-edged sword.

On the one hand, you’ll have access to thousands of photographs. On the other hand, millions of other individuals are doing the same thing.

Although it is uncommon, there are times when brands use the same or similar stock photographs. Consider the incident with Gateway and Dell. In 2004, both computer firms utilized the identical photo of a college girl in their “Back to School” promotional materials (what are the chances?).

These are the kinds of disasters you want to avoid. Having anything resembling a competitor’s work or branding is not a good idea. The idea is to stand out in a sea of websites, which is much easier to do with unique photographs.

Tell Your Business’s Story

Using a succession of unrelated stock photographs to tell your brand’s story is tricky. Despite this, 40% of marketers continue to use them. But, before you jump on this bandwagon, consider this: 40% of marketers think original photos have helped them achieve their marketing objectives.

You can better capture your tale by employing original photographs because they reflect your perspective rather than someone else’s version of a scenario or idea. It will also make your website more appealing to your intended audience. When producing your pictures, capturing a mood or specific feeling you wish to convey is easier.

You’ll find the content is even more personable and easy to connect with if you use visual storytelling with video.

You have the option of highlighting the founder and the startup’s story, as well as collecting client testimonials and case studies.

Visuals capturing attention and connecting with your audience are the latest trends in multimedia website design. Is it any surprise that more websites are incorporating multimedia into their design?

Here’s a look at some current multimedia trends in website design.

3D Product Visualization

E-commerce sites understand the value of having high-resolution photographs of their products. A good photograph also plays a role to entices customers to buy. To do so, online vendors are adding 3D graphics to their product pages, allowing users to see an item from all angles.

Visuals That Teach

Before purchasing a product or service, some users seek information. Website owners include helpful visuals such as charts and infographics to serve this demographic. It makes data sharing and comprehension much more accessible.

Video Footage Embedded

Everyone appears to enjoy the video. Every month, 85 percent of internet users in the United States watch video content. Video also helps advertisers create trust with potential clients, according to 52% of marketers. As a result, more website owners are integrating videos throughout their sites to leverage their strength and popularity.

What’s in these videos, though? It is dependent on their location (blog, home page, product page, landing page). It would be best to capture interviews, testimonials, product demos, and anything else that aids customers through the sales process.

Adding Unique Photos and Videos to Your Website

It’s a good idea to include original multimedia content on your website. But how can you properly incorporate photographs and movies into a website? Here are some best practices to remember:

  • Involve your colleagues (consider taking photos and videos of your staff and office).
  • The About Us page includes a video of the founder’s story.
  • Demonstrate how your items work. Instead of just having a photo of the product, have someone use it.
  • Use high-quality equipment (and lighting) for your images and video clips.
  • Visuals can help you convey a better tale.
  • Use images to demonstrate (rather than tell) data and information.
  • Collaborate with experts. Hire specialists if you lack the necessary skills, time, or tools.

Final Thoughts

Your website’s design should reflect your company and everything it stands for. You may accomplish this when you control the graphic assets developed for your website.

Consumers today are looking for actual businesses that provide exceptional experiences. Using authentic images and presenting stories through video might help you achieve both goals.

We can assist you if you lack the time or confidence to create your original material. Zionike specializes in web design, photography, and filmmaking. You’ll have your visual assets ready to publish this way.

Headshots, portraits, items, interior photographs, case study videos, and corporate intro movies are all available through our services. So, if you need to make movies for your website or produce high-quality images, contact our professionals immediately!

website design plano